• Signature Fresh Collagen Infusion Facial $1180 80min

    The signature innovative facial that infuses fresh pure collagen directly into your skin, minimise fine lines, combat the signs of ageing and visibly improves the appearance of your skin

    A highly effective treatment using revolutionary triple liposome technology to deliver fresh pure collagen and other active ingredients to every layer of the skin, transforming the skin from the inside out. The moisturisation level is doubled and elasticity is increased by up to 60%. Together with anti-aging hand and eye treatment, your skin is firmer, plumped up, smooth and looking younger.
  • Clarifying Detox Facial $820 60min

    A facial treatment that detoxifies skin and helps regulate and balance the skin. Enzymatic micro peel deeply cleanse the skin, eliminate impurities and improve the skins texture. Anti-inflammatory Uncaria Tomentosa extract is used to soothe the skin, helps skin regeneration and DNA repair. Leave the skin re-balanced and a visibly clearer complexion.
  • Advanced Detox Facial $980 75min

    A facial treatment that refine skin, unclog pores and smooth out the complexion. The 2 steps purifying protocol will render the skin refreshed and soft. Begins with high performance active ingredients with anti-inflammatory and soothing plant extracts to remove impurities, deep cleanse and exfoliate, followed by a 15mins microdermabrasion to detoxify and balance the skin. Skin is toned, energized, smooth and radiant.
  • Hydrating Recovery Facial $820 60min

    A facial treatment that provide moisture-boosting by advanced triple liposome technology. Exceptionally pure and active ingredients are delivered by time release system from the bottom up. Skin is rehydrated and smooth, leaving skin dewy, supple, revitalized and luminous.